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new review out in latest freistil #72

Todd Carter (all keys), Brent Gutzeit (Samples, 20-String) and Michael Hartmann (drums, synths, drummachine) formed the experimental Chicago trio TV Pow in 1995. In passing and from the hip the present self-titled exhibit is unrivaled in how it merges Hip Hop, contemporary pop music, R’n’B, Electronica, Ambient and Club music (question mark, exclamation mark).
In addition, no one could have foreseen that, as a consequence of the four-dimensionality of our exsistence (attention, postulate of the author!) these three masters would so excellenty succeed in composing around a “sound-aesthetic timestamp” and seduce willing listeners into a timeless safespace of analog 180gr summer.
A striking group of selected musical co-collaborators (Tina M. Howell, Sharkula, Precise, Faregames, Ben Carter and Steven) further refine and round off the tearjearkering ode to the smoothness of reduction.
Expressive, urban verses on top of humanistic beats, timeless and direct – indeed! Incredibly entertaining, catchy, solid, highly entropic and easy-going easy – for the whole family!
Listening Tips: Cadillac B (it‘s just that easy!), Cadillac A.
dr. wu,