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new release out on Shameless

Hi everyone,

so we’ve finally released our next record: the 2017 Shameless 180gr vinyl reissue of Boris Hauf’s 2005 release for the UK label Sijis.

If you feel like some new 180 gr vinyl in super beautiful packaging by Shameless design director Julian Gosper please swing over to and buy a copy. we’re selling it for 18e and are offering flat rate shipping worldwide for 4e.

Thanks to all the writers, magazines and radiohosts who have been given us so much love in the past months.
Radio Nacional de España, Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly), Stuart Bruce (Chain D.L.K.), Riccardo Gorone (Carnage News), Roberto Mandolini (Rockerilla), Roland Torres (Silence and Sound), Robin Tomens (Include Me Out), Digital in Berlin, Acik radio in Istanbul, BBC, Eldoradio, ORF, Radio Libertaire, Radio Z, Radio Slovenija, The Parish News, Radio Fro. So awesome of you guys. Thanks.

Thanks also to OYE Records in Berlin for carrying the wax.

Interested folk in Chicago, please contact me. I have a private stash waiting there for you.